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What Is A Webinar?

For those of you that are not quite sure what a webinar is, it is basically an online interactive classroom. Our software allows you to log in on your device and view our screen and converse with us in real time while we teach you the basics of the program. The sessions are very relaxed, and dare we say, even fun! Once we quickly get through the basics, we then move on to more advanced strategies, as well as all of the tips and tricks designed to make you much more comfortable and productive. You are also joined by several others, so you are able to hear their questions and answers just as if we were all sitting in class together. The teaching part of the session usually goes for about an hour, with approximately :30 min of Q & A afterward. These webinars are not only free, but first time attendees are rewarded with an additional credit that is added to their account!

You’ll be viewing our screen through your device’s screen. Trying to view, talk and listen on your phone may be a bit of a challenge. The larger the screen and the better the connection you use, the better your experience will be. Headphones or earbuds are better than speakers and help to prevent annoying feedback.

Be sure to be there early enough to have everything set up on your end ahead of time! We have provided a video below that demonstrates exactly how to setup for the webinar.

We will send out an email with the schedule so that you can plan accordingly. And we will also post it on our website. There are no advanced reservations for the webinar, and there is no class size limit. As long as you are there and setup on time, you will be able to participate. And please note: WE START ON TIME! and we lock the doors once we begin to avoid disruptions. So, just like catching a flight, please don’t show up 30 seconds before departure and expect to get on board! Latecomers will have to catch another session because trying to get folks caught up is too disruptive and is not fair to everyone that did manage to show up on time.

To Attend A Scheduled Webinar:

1) Go to www.uberconference.com/bidplus.
2) Enter your name AND your employee number in the 1st line – this ensures that you earn your free credit!
3) Click ‘Join’
4) At the top left, choose either ‘My phone’ or ‘My computer’ as the audio device you will be talking and listening through. Regardless of which audio method you choose (computer or phone), you will still be viewing the webinar through your computer screen. You DO NOT need to login to BidPlus in order to participate in the webinar.
5) If you choose to call in on your phone, the number is 866-296-9899. No PIN is required.
6) If you experience trouble connecting, please use the test link below. You can also try contacting Uberconference directly by emailing them at support@uberconference.com.


Please test your device here first to ensure that you are ready!!

Click the link to test your device and ensure that it is ready for the webinar:


View This Video To See How To Join A Webinar

See You Online!