How it works

BidPlus is designed to automate the manual bidding process that you’ve grown accustomed to.

This page is designed to help you understand the flow of the BidPlus program, from accessing your bid package to uploading your completed bids.

Bid packages are available from every base.
Previously opened bids, as well as the one you’re currently working on, are found here.
Importing search criteria from a previous month can save you time!

Select your bid package.

Begin by selecting the bid package for the base that you will be working on. Then simply click the ‘Load Bid Package’ button, and you are presented with your bid package.

Mouse over each trip to see the details.

BidPlus allows you to mouse over any pairing in order to see the trip details. Tablet users simply tap the trip in order to view it. This feature completely eliminates the need for paper.

All program navigation takes place here.
Mouse over any pairing/ID and it instantly displays.
Help is just a click away.

The Bid Card screen.

This is your last stop before the upload. Here, you can accomplish final editing, as well as fully automated position bidding.

Review all of your bids in one place prior to uploading
Any line can be displayed for final review
Automatically apply any combination of positions to a single line, a single bank, a specific aircraft type, or the entire bid….with one click
Enter final upload information such as buddy bid info and your login credentials.
One click upload of your completed bids. No typing, no mistakes!
Review all of your uploaded lines immediately in BidPlus once the upload is complete!

The upload screen.

You’re going to love this. Our one-click upload process will upload hundreds of bids, complete with positions, in a matter of seconds with no typing….and no errors. It’s a dream come true! (pmCO shown)

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