October Relief Bids News Update

Welcome to your October Relief bids newsletter! In this issue we will cover:

  • Email Newsletter Has Stopped, Moving to BidPlus Website
  • New Bases Are Ready!
  • BidPlus now works on the Opera Browser! – PC, Mac and Mobile
  • Free Webinar Anyone? (Hint: You earn 1 additional free month for attending!)
  • Hint of the Month – Manually Select Your Lines Instead of Having The Program Do It!

Newsletter Update

Going forward, you will now be able to find our newsletter posted on our website. Just click the Monthly Info link at the top, and then choose Monthly Newsletter. August was the last issue of the newsletter that will be emailed out to the membership. So, now all of the information that you need can be found right on our home page at www.bidplus.com!

Connection Issues

We receive occasional reports from members that are unable to use the program due to connection issues. As we investigate these reports, the cause in just about every case has to do with the member’s location at the time. All crew lounge areas at the airport and many hotels have suspect connections. When we were trying to conduct BidPlus road shows in the crew area a few years back, we had to end up using our cell phone hot spots in order to do a demonstration. The crew area would just not allow us to use the program. We have notified the company about the issue, but they report to us that there will not be any updates concerning the crew lounge WiFi. When we recommend that members go out and use the public WiFi in the terminal, they report back to us that they are then successful with their connection.

Likewise, when we get reports from members that are staying at a layover hotel, they tell us that they are sometime unable to connect. Sometimes they need to either go downstairs to the business center and use a hardwired connection, or they use they mobile hot spot. And sometimes they report that they end up finding a Starbucks or somewhere similar where they are then successful with their connection. So if you are in one of these locations and you find yourself experiencing connection issues, please try using one of the remedies mentioned here, and you are more than likely to have a successful connection experience.

And finally, we have also had reported to us from couple of members that they made recent software upgrades to their computers and added a new anti-virus program. Shortly after that installation, they began having problems using BidPlus. Once they un-installed the new software, BidPlus began working again as normal. Remember, BidPlus is simply a website. There is nothing installed on your computer, so there are no settings changes that we can make to help you overcome a connection issue. In virtually every problem reported, the issue was with the connection and the environment they were in, or it was a recent installation of a new program that was the culprit.

Upload Issues

You may receive an error message during your upload that informs you that the server is unresponsive, leading you to believe that you upload has failed. Part of the challenge with uploading to CCS is that the communications are not as tight as we would prefer. However, please note that once your upload has begun, even if you get an error message or you lose your connection, the upload is continuing in the background. So if you believe there is a problem, please login to CCS and check your upload first. Also, be aware that if you have large upload, you will need to give it time to complete before you check. If your upload is 3000 lines or more, it may take as long as 25 min for the upload to complete.

If you uploaded your bids to CCS using UBID prior to trying to upload with BidPlus, you will need to first log into CCS and click the Withdraw Bids button in the top right hand corner. You can then proceed to upload your bids with BidPlus. If you do not take this step first, your BidPlus upload to CCS will fail! If you do not withdraw your UBID bids first, CCS will simply continue to re-submit your previous UBID bids.

BidPlus Works On The Opera Browser

In addition to the Google Chrome and Safari web browsers, you now have another option to choose from. After much testing, we are happy to announce that BidPlus is working very well on the Opera web browser. And it works on PC, Mac and your mobile devices, and actually appears to work better than the other two browsers. So now you have an additional option to download to your favorite device!

For details, go to www.opera.com

Free Webinar Anyone?

Come join us for a webinar! They are not only FREE TO ATTEND, first time attendees actually earn one credit for completing the class. What a deal!!

Want to know the details about what a webinar is and how it works? We’ve created a new article and video that explains exactly how to join a webinar. Just click here for details!

September Webinar Schedule

(All Times Are Pacific!!)

There are no webinars scheduled for September (October bids). See you next month.

Hint Of The Month – Manually Select Your Desired Lines!

Have you even wondered what those red warnings in the menu bar that say ‘Lang‘ or ‘Legal‘ mean? They are warnings concerning your language and legalities feature settings.

To view the article describing menu bar warnings, click here.

Fly safe, and Happy Bidding!