Dear BidPlus Family,

To be truthful, this is a bit surreal.

You’ve all been a part of our lives for so long, we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the change that’s suddenly upon us.

This is our last bid period. Incredible.

Amidst the strangeness of it all, what seems most natural is to simply express the profound sense of gratitude that so fills our hearts. We have much to be grateful for as we look back on the last thirty-three years.

The things that are truly meaningful in life always happen in the context of relationship. This has certainly been true for us. That which has brought us the most joy (therefore that which we will miss the most) has been the opportunity to serve you. To help. To contribute something that somehow enhances your ability to live a better life. 

Over the decades it’s been our privilege to receive emails from many of you, where you’ve shared with us how that looked for you. We’ve helped some people earn that little extra bit of money that made all the difference, helped others make day care more manageable, allowed people to spend more time together, attend weddings, and take spectacular vacations. For some, we’ve simply helped make the process of bidding just a bit less awful.

We’re grateful for it all.

As we move on to this next chapter of life, our thoughts and prayers are with you. For your happiness, for your health, for your safety. We pray that you all get to experience the same sense of satisfaction and thankfulness that we now enjoy.

Thank you for letting us serve you for more than three decades, for your help in creating something special, for your loyalty, for your kind words, and for being a part of our lives.

God bless you all.

Skip and John