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BidPlus never tries to "think" for you. Lines are selected and displayed based on your exact criteria. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Search For Any Combination Of Criteria

Search from over 70 different criteria in less than a second. Literally.


One Click Bid Upload

Upload 100's of lines with positions in seconds. No typing. No mistakes.

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Our Features

Completely web-based. Works on PC, Mac, iPad or Android.

Web-based means nothing to download, install, update, or configure.

Finish bidding for a vacation month in about 10 seconds.

Mouse-over pairings. No more paper bid packages.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The Program is amazing; I can find the layover destination, length of the trips, certain days off or anything I'm looking for with a few clicks. Sorting the entire bid package is very easy and fast. Submitting hundreds of bids (with position bidding) is also fast and accurate, and I don't ever have to worry about mis-bidding.”

Anna P.- HTA

“When I came back to UAL after my 3 year furlough I was going to try to bid on my own.... after 5 minutes of looking at lines....I was in a panic ... It really makes my bid life easier. Thank you so much for your work on this this program & making it such a wonderful tool for us.”

Kimberly P.- ORD


George P.- JFK

“BidPlus has given me many years of efficiency where my bids are concerned! It saves time, it's easy and the most efficient way to bid. They are always upgrading it and looking at new ways to help! Thanks BidPlus!”

Jean G.- LAX

“BidPlus cuts my time bidding by more than half!”

Davie F.- ORD

“I've been a BidPlus subscriber since the beginning and I don't know how I'd bid without it! It's an invaluable program.”

Alison J.- ORD

“I tell you what...YOU ABSOLUTELY WALK ON WATER!!! In today's disappointing world ... there is little hope for a brighter future. HOWEVER, at every turn, YOU manage to restore a bit of my waning faith in this crazy airline world we love. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am a BidPlus addict ... one thing I can rely on!

Celeste E.- SFO

“You are always on top of all the changes, quite honestly, I wouldn't know where to begin to bid manually, anymore. Thanks again.”

Kerrye S.- SFO

“For over 20 years ... BidPlus has saved me through harried times of vacation, family life and my regular flying schedule. I recommend it to everyone who wants to simplify their lives with confidence.”

Darcy L.DCA

“... I must say that I don’t think I have ever appreciated the tremendous thought and careful planning that so obviously went into creating the new BidPlus ... I’m absolutely stunned! This is absolutely amazing. It’s simple and fast. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic program ... My feedback: a perfect 10!”

Rob B.- SFO

“With all the lines of flying, IDs and positions that will be available to choose from (especially in ORD); I'd like the peace of mind knowing that I'll have this program available to help me sort thru everything and to bid in a timely manner. Especially since the bidding period has been shortened by a day. ”

Taylor S.- ORDSW

“Last month, for the 1st time in 23+ years, I literally cut every strip of int'l line and stuck them on paper in order of preference! TEDIOUS to say the least! I am the poster girl for who needs BidPlus!”

Nancy I.- EWR

“Take your laptop, and use BidPlus. It will never let you down, and it makes bidding a breeze! ”

Lisah B.- LAX

“I have been a subscriber and user of BidPlus for well over 15 years and perhaps closer to 20 years. I cannot even begin to estimate how many hundreds of hours it has saved me…or how much it has improved my flying career by quickly and easily finding the best schedules for my needs. ... Thank you so much.”

Mark K.- LAX

“So...I just successfully (I believe) uploaded my bids ... Nice to know that this old dog can learn new tricks. The You Tube videos were excellent. Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty straight forward. I wasn't brave enough to give it a whirl last month but now I am full speed ahead!”

Jennifer V.- SFO

“Always telling people to use… Makes my life so much easier… Haven't picked up lines for years, only picked up copies of id's a couple of years ago in Dec, when I was on RSV.. yuck.. thanks again..”

Eileen A.- DEN

“Thank you for bid plus, I learn a new trick every month. BidPlus saves me time and gives me more money! Love it!”

Diego V.- EWR

“….a bidding program designed by flight attendants for flight attendants really is the best.”

Karen R.- SFO

“ Before discovering BIdPlus I would spend up 2 to 3 hours with the whole process. Now that I'm able to set up the process so that I only see the line that I want with all information at a mouse point away without have to flip back and forth through the bid package, the process only takes me about 20 min.”

Joe M.- EWR

“Aloha! I’m loving the new BidPlus next Gen. Now I can use my MAC!! Mahalo for making bidding so much easier!

Troy H.- SFO

“This is the reason I have been with you for over 20+ years. Thanks for the packet update. This is
Why I will support your product now and hopefully in the future with all the changes. Thanks again.”


“Love Love LOVE BidPlus!
If you haven't tried BidPlus, you are missing out on a life changer when it comes to Bidding! It will save you so much time! Try it! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Bev P.- ORD

“I watched the intro video and before I knew it, I had submitted a 489 line bid! I could never have done that manually! I am going to be telling everyone I know about your system as it is an invaluable tool for getting bids done quickly and accurately so that I can get on with my life doing more important things like spending time with my kids! A thousand thanks!”

Christian A.- SFO

“. I just took a tour and in a word,,,,,brilliant! I can finaly dump my PC and get a Mac. Thanks for all you do,,,a loyal customer for life (or until retirement)

John J.- SFO

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