How do I start my membership?

To start your free membership, go to Click “Start My Free Account” and fill out the membership form completely. If you were referred to BidPlus, please be sure to add the employee number of the person that referred you.

Click “Start My Free Membership” at the bottom of the form. You will be taken to a page that will validate your identity. Enter your United login information and click “ Validate.” A successful login demonstrates that this is indeed your account. Once the validation is complete, you will be taken to your BidPlus Desktop.

Prior to starting your membership, don’t forget that the Test Drive feature is available to you at any time. The Test Drive is a fully functional program that features a recent (but not current) bid package, usually from the preceding month. It provides the opportunity to get a real feel for the program. Also, after the sample bid package has been loaded, you’ll be offered the chance to watch a Quick Start video. We highly recommend that you view this video as it will greatly reduce the time it takes to make the most effective use of the program.

What is the cost of the membership?

The cost of your membership is $12/month for a one month purchase, and $10/month for a 6 month purchase ($60). Your first month is absolutely free with no obligation to continue and no credit card required.

What if I was a previous BidPlus Millennium user?

Your BidPlus account applies to all previous versions of BidPlus. There is nothing new for you to purchase. Simply go to and login using your employee number and your BidPlus password. You will be taken through a quick configuration setup process, and then to the BidPlus Desktop where you can start bidding immediately!

I joined BidPlus a while back but haven’t used the program in a while. How do I retrieve my password and get restarted?

If you previously created a valid account, then that account should still be available to you. Go to and enter your employee number, and then “Forgot password”. You will be asked your security questions. When you answer them correctly your password will be displayed right there for you. If don’t know the answer to your security questions, then send an email to us at and we will email your password to you.

Program Access

What do I need in order to access the program?

BidPlus is a web-based program. It is NOT an app, so there is nothing to download, install, update or configure. Simply go to and log in. The only requirement is that you use either Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser. BidPlus will work on your PC, Mac, iPad or Android device.

Although BidPlus will work on any of these devices, there is quite a bit of bid information that needs to be managed. So it is definitely easier to learn the program, at least initially, on a larger screen such as a laptop or tablet as opposed to learning on your phone.

Also, please note that since BidPlus is web-based, you will need a decent internet connection in order to use the program. You are not able to access BidPlus while you are offline.

Can I use BidPlus on more than one device?

Yes. Since BidPlus is web-based, it can be accessed from any device that runs either Google Chrome or Safari. Your bidding work in the program is automatically saved while you work. So, if you close the program to take a break, you can return on a different device and your saved work will be available for you to pick up right where you left off. BidPlus will work on your PC, Mac, iPad or Android device.

Selecting Criteria

How do I get started selecting my lines?

Once you’ve opened your bid package, proceed to the “Bidding Program” screen using the Mode Select drop box. Then, simply enter criteria to select lines. Click here to start the Quick Start video and see this demonstrated.

Although BidPlus allows you to jump right in and start bidding, we recommend that you take a few minutes away from your “real” bids to familiarize yourself with the program. When you try to learn the program using real bids, it’s usual for the focus to be more on not messing things up rather than experimenting and exploring. We recommend that you spend some time away from your real bids just playing and experimenting with different strategies. It’s also a great idea to view a couple of our YouTube videos. Once you become familiar with the program, you’ll be able to accomplish your work with much more confidence and speed.

When I enter my criteria, I keep coming up with zero lines. What am I doing wrong?

BidPlus precisely selects those lines that fit your criteria. Therefore, the more criteria you combine in one bank, the fewer lines will exist that fit that criterion. If your search returns zero lines, it’s quite possible that you’ve put together a combination of criterion that does not exist in any line.

Also, check to see if you have any of the Lang or Legal warnings displayed in red on the menu bar. If so, this is your indication that you are not being shown all of the available lines because of some restriction. If you see one of these warnings, go to the Bidding Program screen, where you’ll see the Setup drop-down box in the bottom-right corner. Click that box and choose the appropriate topic. Selecting all of the options in that feature will remove the associated restriction, and the red warning will disappear. At that time more lines will become available.

Click here for additional details on this topic.

How do I cancel my account?

Your BidPlus membership is purchased on an “as needed” basis. There are also no automatic charges, and your billing information is not kept on file. If you wish to cancel your membership, you simply allow your current time to expire and then refrain from making any additional purchases. Your account remains intact and available to you should you decide to join us at a later time. We DO NOT provide refunds for unused time, so please be sure to purchase only the amount of time you intend to use.

General Program

Does BidPlus upload my completed bids?

Yes it does. Once your work is complete and you are ready to send you bids to CCS, from the BidPlus Bid Card screen just click the Send Bids button and the process will begin uploading your bids to CCS. No typing, no mistakes!

How do I Buddy Bid?

First, both you and your buddy must both be BidPlus members. Second, ensure that you’ve entered your buddy password in your BidPlus personal profile. Your buddy password is something you and your buddy decide on together. One buddy will do the bidding, then the other buddy will import the 1st buddy’s work into their Bid Card.

In order to import your buddy’s bids into your bid card, go to the Bid Card screen, and then to the Buddy Bidding feature on the left-hand side. Click ‘Get Buddy’s Bid Info’ and enter your buddy’s employee number and buddy password. Click ‘Get Buddy’s Bids’. This populates your bid card with your buddy’s information. At this point both you and your buddy’s bid cards are identical. Now, simply submit your bids.

Click here for additional information on this topic.


How do I get free time to use the program?

We give you one free month to try it out the program when you first sign up. You can also earn an additional free month by attending one of our free webinars. The webinar schedule is posted on our website, and notifications are also provided through our monthly newsletter. Additionally, you can earn one free month for each successful referral that you make. Whenever the person you refer either uploads their bids (even during their free month), or purchases subscription time, your account is immediately credited with one free month. No limits!

How does a BidPlus webinar work?

A webinar is a tool that allows you to attend a virtual online meeting where you can view our screen live and ask questions with other Flight Attendants in real time. This is a great (and efficient) way to learn the program. You can attend either through your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Since you’ll be viewing our screen through your screen, however, the bigger the screen the better the viewing. You can use your headset through your device for audio, or you can call in on a separate number. First-time attendees receive a free month’s bidding credit when you complete your first webinar. For additional details, click here.

Error Messages

There was a problem with the request (1)

This problem generally has one of two possible causes.

The first has to do with your connection and usually has to do with router security settings. If you are connecting from home and the same problem happens on different computers, then check your router security settings. Additionally, if you take your laptop or tablet to a different location, such as a Starbucks, and you’re able to connect, then this is another indication that the problem is with your home router settings.

Some connection problems are also caused by hotels (and even some crew areas) that have poor internet connections. See if changing your location improves your connection.

The second problem is related to your computer storing (caching) old information. The cache is your browser’s memory of the various pages you’ve visited. On occasion, this history needs to be cleared out.

If you’re using Google Chrome, go to Settings–>Privacy–>Clear Browsing Data. Or hold down the Shift+Ctrl+Delete keys.

If you’re using Safari, from the Safari menu, select Reset Safari (or Clear History on Mac). Select the items you want to reset from the displayed menu, then click Reset. As of Safari 5.1, ‘Remove all website data’ covers both cookies and cache.