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See how our software is changing everything you thought you knew about bidding.


You're In Control From Start To Finish

BidPlus never tries to "think" for you. Lines are selected and displayed based on your exact criteria. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Search For Any Combination Of Criteria

Search from over 70 different criteria in less than a second. Literally.


One Click Bid Upload

Upload 100's of lines with positions in seconds. No typing. No mistakes.

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Our Features

Completely web-based. Works on PC, Mac, iPad or Android.

Web-based means nothing to download, install, update, or configure.

Finish bidding for a vacation month in about 10 seconds.

Mouse-over IDs/pairings. No more paper bid packages.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Thank you for bid plus, I learn a new trick every month. Bidplus saves me time and gives me more money! Love it!”

Diego V.UA Flight Attendant (Sub-CO)

“BidPlus has given me many years of efficiency where my bids are concerned! It saves time, it's easy and the most efficient way to bid. They are always upgrading it and looking at new ways to help! Thanks BIDPLUS!”

Jean-marc G.UA Flight Attendant (Sub-UA)

“When I came back to UAL after my 3 year furlough I was going to try to bid on my own.... after 5 minutes of looking at lines....I was in a panic & went in search of my bid plus account to sign back up. It really makes my bid life easier. Thank you so much for your work on this this program & making it such a wonderful tool for us.”

Kimberly P.Flight Attendant - UAL

“BidPlus cuts my time bidding by more than half!”

Davie F.UA Flight Attendant (Sub-UA)

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